Life’s a Beach

I’m not proud that I used that pun, but given how great of a day I had yesterday, I couldn’t help myself.

I had planned on going somewhere on Saturday. I even had a list of three different places I wanted to go, all beaches of course. You might be thinking to yourself “Another beach? What a basic bitch”. Yeah, well, you obviously haven’t been to the beach recently. I also recently got a Recreation Passport and was eager to use it. Unfortunately Saturday came and went and before I knew it Sunday was here and I still hadn’t done anything. Come Sunday morning I had almost resigned myself to the fact that the weekend was going to be a boring one but just before noon I decided “Fuck this, I don’t want to spend all my time on this earth in front of a screen” and decided I was going to go somewhere, anywhere. Eventually, I settled on Grand Mere State Park.


At about this time the path lost its pavement and became dirt. I was determined to keep going so I picked up the walking stick I had found at the start of the path and continued on to the beach. I had come this far after all! Little did I know what I was getting myself into. Shortly afterwards, the path narrowed and I was starting to wonder if I should turn around.


After continuing for about 10 more minutes down the path, which by the way is not marked in any way whatsoever, so you kind of just have to trust you are going the right way to the beach, I started to see sand. I knew I was getting close to the beach at this point… right?


You can see my walking stick standing in the sand on the right here. Unfortunately the poor guy didn’t last long after this point. It was about here when I thought, yeah, the beach must be right up this path and over the dune.


Nope. I was a little winded at this point, but not bad. I thought, okay, maybe around the corner to the left here?


Nice try slick, keep going. It was about this point that my walking stick couldn’t take it anymore and broke in half. RIP Mr. Stick.

So, almost there, right? Probably right over this ridge?


Nope. Because fuck you. I regained some hope however, as I could finally get a glimpse of the lake through the trees to the right, so on I went.


When I finally crested the last sand dune I was greeted with a truly breathtaking sight. The picture here just doesn’t do it any justice. After taking in the incredible view I decided to head down to the beach, first using the path to the right but eventually having to trek over to the path on the left after finding no way down on the right lol. Let me show you why.


There isn’t much of a “beach” here, or at least a “beach” in terms of how people usually think about it. That’s about a 5-6 foot drop down. Even the “path” I did take was narrow and steep. I’m talking walk down sideways and hope you don’t slip…

After I hopped down I took a few quick pictures and jumped in. The water here was even clearer and warmer than the other beach and there was hardly anyone here, I would guess due to the hike. It was really nice having a huge swath of beach all to myself! Probably swam out here for 20 or 30 minutes just enjoying the peace and quiet.


I’ll tell you this much, the hike back wasn’t any better. If I look like I’m dying in the picture above, I pretty much felt like it. I still can’t believe I didn’t burn. It was truly an experience visiting Grand Mere and even though the hike was difficult, the reward more than made up for it and I look forward to returning.

As a bonus, I think I have my cardio for the next 6 months covered now…


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  1. Some great pics ! Thanks for sharing! Id love to check both of those places out sometime! Michigan is Beautiful thats for sure! And i love to read your writing! Xo


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